At the park

One day we were in a little park somewhere in Chinatown. It was hot and humid so we were looking for some shade like everybody else. I was reading a book when an old Chinese man came and started to play a flute. The music was beautiful as well as the instrument he played on – colorful and exotic.

I gave him an applause and he smiled. So I wanted to take a picture of him but he refused. ‚I’m old and ugly’ – he said.

Well to me he was as beautiful as his music 🙂

And then he told me a little story.

„Few days ago I was playing my flute in this park. A lady was sitting nearby reading a book, just like you today. But she did not give me an applause. She called police and told them that I’m making annoying noises. So police came and told me to stop playing.”

Well some people are as ugly, as their behavior…

Chinese man refused to be at the picture, but the squirrels posed willingly


At the Grocery

Marcin: Marlboro Ligths please.

Shop assistant: There you go. Are you from Russia?

Marcin: No, from Poland.

Shop assistant: Do you have Marlboro Lights in Poland?

Marcin: …yes…

Shop assistant: And menthol ones as well?

Marcin: …yes…

Shop assistant: Amazing…


At the beach

The ocean has it’s moods. Sometimes it’s peaceful and lets you swim, other times it’s angry and floods your towel in the most unexpected moment…

But there are days when somehow you cannot concentrate at the ocean. Why?

Because of Flash and Facey…

Take care 🙂