What a weekend!

Our friend Yoshi invited us to Washington DC, just to spend some time together.

Well we had a lot to catch up, since the last time we saw her was six years ago. Time passes so quickly…
Yoshi reserved a room for us in a fancy hotel. What a difference comparing to our basement apartament in Brooklyn. But, it was just a beginning.

Five minutes after we checked in, a waitress come into our room with a bottle of champagne. It was Yoshi’s idea of course. I called to thank her, and she said: „you work so hard, you deserve it!”
So, we had a glass of champagne and went for dinner to an Indian restaurant. What food! Scallops, fired spinach, lovely curry and roasted almond ice cream plus mango creme brulee just to sweeten the evening up.

And then, right after midnight Marcin said to Yoshi: „It’s my birthday, and I’m so glad I can spend this evening with you”
Well ofcourse Yoshi wanted to kill me, because I didn’t tell her anything before. – I could prepare something, like the cake at least! – she said to me.
Well knowing her I’m pretty sure it would be the cake, flowers, mariachi, exotic dancers and who knows what else…

Instead we went to a hookah lounge and had the best time ever. Yoshi has a gift you know – when she appears in a restaurant, bar or club, the place which was empty before, instantly becomes full of people. She should charge for it!

Next day we went for a walk just to see the city. Marcin wanted to have a picture in front of the White House, so we went there.

– A nice house – Marcin said with a certain attitude, which made me and Yoshi laugh until we lost our breaths.

Unfortunately, it was raining so we ended up soaking wet. I had a pool in my ballerina flats so I had to change them, and the only pair I had was fancy high heels. Well, sometimes a woman doesn’t have any choice…


Going back to NYC Marcin and I were talking about Yoshi. She is such a wonderful friend, so warm and helpful. We had the best time since we came to US – thank YOU Yoshi, we love YOU!!!!