Sometimes you don’t know what to do next.

It seems like you’ve already tried everything and still havent managed to achieve your goal.

You think – if I had this, if I knew that, if I met him or her – but the thing is you don’t.

So what should you do? Give it up? Never…

The simplest ways are the best ones.

A few days ago we had some serious problems with the plumbing in our Brooklyn apartment – believe me, you don’t wanna know the details…
So the plumber came in and said:
– It’s because of the roots. The trees don’t have enough water so they take the water from the pipes. You have roots in your plumbing – bad news for you, good for me.
And he took 75 $ for cleaning the pipes.

So I thought – I have no choice but to be clever. I have to work with what I have, and do what I can.

So instead of fighting against things I cannot change, I started to look for a new option. Because there is always another move.

Did I destroy some plumbing on the way? Maybe I did, and you know what – so be it!

See you on the TOP:)


Photo: Alexander Rist/TheOwnMoment