Kilimanjaro Project is an innovative festival, both musical and educational, taking place in extreme conditions – on „The Roof of Africa” – with the participation of international rock and pop stars.



The right to have free access to potable water is one of the basic human rights.

The aim of the project is to draw attention  to the problem of the lack of access to potable water and washing facilities not only in Africa but also in Asia and Europe. We want to make people aware that the problem of decreasing water resources concerns everyone.

The guests invited to the project will give a concert on ‘The Roof of Africa’ and thanks to the Internet everyone will be able to watch it at their homes.

We hope this spectacular music initiative will spur viewers’ sensitivity drawing their attention to fundamental issues: cross cultural solidarity, mutual support, and sense of community.

All of them, undoubtedly, define us as human beings.

Photo: SXC/Serkantura

An amazing video about Mount Kilimanjaro. Just imagine – this is the place where our festival is going to happen…

This is a movie trailer of David Breashears’ mountain adventure large-format film, Kilimanjaro: TO THE ROOF OF AFRICA. It shows the beauty of the mountain, the hardest parts of climbing and the breathtaking feeling when the trekkers reach the top.

Learn more about the film here