Here is a little story about money
As you know our project is completely independent and we finance it by ourselves and our veeery few fantastic donors (thank YOU guys! we would never have done this without YOU!!!).

If you’re thinking we were not looking for the sponsorship you are wrong – we did. But the idea of the festival on „The Roof of Africa” seemed to be so abstract to Polish companies, we just gave it up.

Some time ago I was in Cracow with a few friends. We were just walking along the Old Town and talking about a bunch of stuff. I don’t remember how we started to talk about numerology.

– I’m an eight – I said to my friend.

– Then you’re a money finder – she replied.

And right in the same moment I saw her stepping on a 10 Euro bill. She did not even notice the money right at her feet! But I did

Since then I find money everywhere. Yes, they are coins, probably you will find them worthless, but for me they are little signs. Because when you have a one cent coin, you are not able to do anything with it. When you have ten million coins, the situation is different.
Do you know what I mean? It’s called crowdfunding.

We believe that crowdfunding is the best way not only to get the money for an original project, but also to build a community of people who have the feeling of belonging to a creative team.

Because they do – without their coins it would never happen…
So our friends – we hope you will join us.
On our website you will find the donation button. Just use it.
Every coin brings us closer to our goal 🙂


With all my love