There is time to relax and stop thinking about Kilimanjaro Project – just not to go mad ;)

I want to tell you a few words about the situation my wife and I are in and to share some thoughts on the topic.

We have been together for about 13 years 9 of which married. However, we had never been as close as we have been since we arrived in NY. In fact, I’ve realized recently that Kilimanjaro Project is our first mutual project, which we run together fully and with equal dedication.

This doesn’t mean that nothing brought us together before and that we didn’t help each other out. Here in NY, we are in one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Nevertheless, we sometimes feel, or maybe it’s only me, I can only speak for myself, as if we were on a desert island.

After these few weeks, we created our own world, in which there are of course everyday routines like: sleeping, eating, shopping, etc. but more than ever we are focused on achieving our goals. From day-to-day we are getting stronger and everything is more natural. It can be compared to e.g. an athlete’s arrangements for The Olympic Games âa current topic nowadays; we’re in the period of maximum concentration and hard training, which will lead us to the podium and ours is Kilimanjaro.

Every athlete, as you know, during this hard training must have some time to regenerate his body after exercise and so must we.




Our place, where we regain strength and charge our batteries is the beach near the ocean, where we try not to think about the project and not talk about it. The beach is very close to our apartment and it is a cheap way of taking a rest, which is important to us.



On our way to the bus stop, we buy barbecue chicken for 6$, a package of carrots and peaches for 0,99$ and with a towel and full water bottles we go for a weekend picnic.

At the end, another reflection: we go together to the beach and relax, but in fact, I think that on that beach we are far away from each other. This is the time, when each of us can let our thoughts wander for which we have no time during all the preparations for achieving our goal of Kilimanjaro Project.



Ded phone, melted ice and corpses on the track – meet our doctor…


We know what you may think. Is this festival even possible?
Well, some people don’t have that kind of doubts. Like Robert Szymczak, our doctor.


A friend gave us Robert’s number and we have been trying to contact him for days. But instead of his voice we heard some strange message. Later we found out that he could not possibly answer the phone, as he was on the top of Mount Everest…







When he came back, we had a meeting in Gdansk. And he loved the idea from the start – but you already know that. What you don’t know is how much we liked and appreciated his attitude 🙂
So we talked about the festival, our families and a bunch of other stuff, and after a few hours we felt like knowing him forever.
Robert told us about his latest expedition to Mount Everest. We were stunned of course.

Marcin was always curious about the strangest things, so he came up with a question: I heard about accidents in the highest mountains. A lot of people died there. So what happens with their bodies?

– Nothing – Robert said – They are left where they died. You can see if their death was caused by exhaustion, cold or if they fell down. And when they died, just by looking at their clothes, because faces are frozen. Sometimes they lay down on the track to the top, so you need to pass them.

Well, we should be grateful Mount Kilmanjaro is so different…

Here are a few words Robert said about Kilimanjaro Project:

„As a physician, I see the problem of dehydration on daily basis. Many of my patients, especially elderly and very young children, are brought to hospital because of dehydration, which sometimes leads to their death. As a climber I know how much effort and energy is needed to melt snow or ice in order to drink a cup of tea in the camp at high altitude. I know the pain of thirst and taste of long-awaited water. Being aware of the fact, that in many parts of Africa people die because of lack of water, I could not do anything else than get involved in the project Kilimanjaro. I know that my time and energy devoted to the project Kilimanjaro will not be wasted. I want to be involved in the rescue of Africa. Indifference is the worst.”


You will find more information about Robert here and on his website

Water bottles :)

We work, we do our thing and we keep the faith in Kilimanjaro Project 🙂

Even when we have some doubts we seem not to share them with each other and try to solve them ourselves. I guess we don’t want to bring each other down…

About trivial things – we paid our rent yesterday, so for now we have a place to sleep and work for a few more days.




Some time ago we bought water bottles, which we can fill up with filtered tap water. This brought a few interesting thoughts.

First one: we save money, because we don’t have to buy mineral water.

Second one: we always have something, that makes life possible (especially in this heat) – water.

Third one: since then we didn’t throw away any plastic bottles – as we had done before.

Fourth one: water bottles will be quite important in Kilimanjaro Project, but I cannot reveal all the secrets…




Yesterday I watched a movie and it gave me some inspiration. So I’ve finished the plan for our fundraising, and right this morning I started to work. I just have to show it to my detail specialist – my wife

We will write about money soon I think – funny stories happened to us – but I guess Malgorzata will do it better…

So that’s all for now



Ups ans downs on our way to the TOP (of Mount Kilimanjaro:)

We had quite an emotional day yesterday.

It has been two weeks since we came to NY and nothing has been easy.

Leaving our home in Poland was nothing. Funny thing is – when you leave for some time and you don’t know when you`re gonna be back, you realize how many unnecessary things you’ve collected during the years.

But they are just things and it’s easy to leave them behind.

It’s completely different with people – our daughters stayed in Poland and we really miss them a lot.

But every time we have doubts about what we do, I think about one afternoon we spent walking around Manhattan.

I don’t even remember where it was exactly. The day was very hot and we were looking for some shade. And on our way to the park we we found two books. They were just lying there, waiting for us.

The Alchemist was waiting for me. I didn’t even notice the other book.

I guess you know what The Alchemist is about. If not, get the book as it’s a must-read.



But anyway you can’t stay sad for too long if you are having a blueberry pie for breakfast. YUM…


And the fact, that we had nothing else in our fridge except the pie, is completely irrelevant…



Take care

Hello there!

This is Marcin and Malgorzata, married couple from Poland with a couple of crazy ideas.


First one: we want to organize a huge festival on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and raise the money for the Water Projects in Africa.

Second one: we believe that with just a little help from our friends (we mean YOU btw) it will be possible.

Third one:
we came up to New York just a few days ago to meet with people who can help us make this dream come true. 

Fourth one: we sold out practically everything we had and left our jobs just because we believe in Kilimanjaro Project.

And we believe in YOU PEOPLE!

So we started this blog to give you all the information about what we do, where we are and with whom we work.
We hope that we will reach the widest possible group of people from all over the world, and with your help we will achieve something, which for many seems to be impossible or at least insane. Well, we might be a little bit crazy but as one of our heroes says: „The adrenalin and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.”

So stay tuned for more 🙂
And if you have any questions, ideas or wanna help us and become one of The Kili Crew – just send us an email.

Take care