He studied law, but abandoned courtrooms to enter concert venues. He has been a band manager for over ten years. Has organized international tours and TV shows broadcasted by public and commercial TV stations In Poland. Artists, that he has worked with, performed in clubs, during festivals, and on stadiums, Wembley among others.

He was born In 1978 in Lublin, Poland. He’s married and has two great daughters: Oliwia and Dagmara. He is passionate about sailing. He enjoys „diet” food of his own making and is will-do-things-that-can’t-be-done type of guy.


Marcin about his involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

In my career I got involved in different social and charity events from collecting money for animal shelters to helping terminally ill children to make their dreams come true. What is Kilimanjaro Project for me? It’s a mixture of things I value most: music and responsibility; adventure and the right cause. Access to clear water is for us, the Europeans, a natural thing. In many parts of Africa getting water means hard work for the whole family. If my six-year-old daughter was born in Somalia, she would probably spend five hours a day with a heavy bucket full of water on her head. Can you imagine your daughters, sisters, granddaughters doing it? I don’t know what impression it leaves you with, but it makes an enormous impression on me. Together, we can change it.”




She is a journalist, a valued lyricist, a translator, a PR specialist. Has worked for the media: press and TV included. She graduated from Political Studies and Journalism. She cooperated with Disney Pixar and wrote the lyrics for the song promoting the Polish edition of TOP Model.

She was born in 1974 in Lublin, Poland; is married and has two great daughters: Oliwia and Dagmara, which is not that difficult to guess. She is passionate about music, especially indie music. Together with her friends, she set up the Tracks Less Travelled fan page, where she enjoys putting all the interesting music she can get hold of. She also adores vintage things: she is a collector of old books, unique porcelain and uncanny footwear.

Małgorzata about her involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

“I considered the idea of playing a concert on the Roof of Africa to be complete madness at first. I have vivid imagination and consider myself to be an optimist, but all I could see were problems amassing in front of us. Then, I realized we put the biggest obstacles in our way ourselves. That’s why, it is so easy for us to overcome them. To my mind, Kilimanjaro Project is a dream come true. A dream about a better day tomorrow. Things we do, or choose not to do today will enable us to build our future, and will influence the quality of life for our children. It’s worth taking responsibility for. Let us begin now, immediately! A single well In Africa will provide access to clear water for thousands of people. We will collect money for the second, the third, the hundredth.. Now I know it is possible.”




He is a doctor, a specialist in emergency medicine. As a physician he works in Emergency Department and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. As a teacher, he enjoys working with students at the Medical University of Gdansk. He was a doctor of many expeditions to the highest mountains during the summer and winter season. He climbed three 8000m peaks: Mount Everest, Nanga Parbat and Dhaulagiri. Member of the International Society for Mountain Medicine.

He was born in 1977 in Gdansk, Poland. He will become a happy father in December 2012. He is addicted to sport. In his spare time he plays blues on his Fender Telecaster electric guitar.


Robert about his involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

“As a physician, I see the problem of dehydration on daily basis. Many of my patients, especially elderly and very young children, are brought to hospital because of dehydration, which sometimes leads to their death. As a climber I know how much effort and energy is needed to melt snow or ice in order to drink a cup of tea in the camp at high altitude. I know the pain of thirst and taste of long-awaited water. Being aware of the fact, that in many parts of Africa people die because of lack of water, I could not do anything else than get involved in Kilimanjaro Project. I know that my time and energy devoted to the project will not be wasted. I want to be involved in the rescue of Africa. Indifference is the worst.”




She is an English teacher and a translator. She graduated from the Institute of English Studies and has been teaching others what she likes to learn for over 10 years. She has also been involved in numerous translation tasks.

She was born in 1976 in Lodz, Poland. She is married and has a seven- year-old son, Jan. Being a collector of sounds that stay in her mind or heart she became a co-founder of Tracks Less Travelled blog for fans that really give a shit. As a passionate amateur photographer, she carries her camera everywhere to collect digital memories of moments, encounters, situations, people and places.

Agata about her involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

„As a teacher in Poland I have always tried to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. When I first found out about the idea behind the Kilimanjaro Project I thought that would be the case and getting involved could make me feel at home. But, obviously, there are other reasons I am so much into it. Statistics show grim and harrowing facts: two million people (probably hundreds of thousands of children included) die every day because of drinking water shortages and waterborne diseases. I feel you shouldn’t stand by and watch when you become aware there’s so much social injustice, hardship, misery, and personal tragedies resulting from decreasing water resources. You should act in any way you can. Kilimanjaro Project is the way I choose to try and make the world a better place to live.”



He is an outstanding graphic designer and web developer. He devotes all his time to the genuine passion for unlimited virtual creativity which his older brother Marek instilled in him.

He’s a real atomic bomb crammed with tremendous ideas that are about to explode any time striking his recipients with memorable stream of imagination.

Adam was born in 1991 in Bytom, Poland. He consistently gives a hundred per cent to the project putting all his energy into the visual content of Kilimanjaro Project website. He’s addicted to sounds and never takes off his white headphones making music his sole source of energy.

Adam about his involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

There’s no life without water as well as there is no graphic designer without inborn creativity. As I have never been indifferent to the world that sorrounds us when I heard about the project for the first time I knew I wanted to be a part of it so when an opportunity arose for me to become a member of kili crew I felt this was a chance not to be missed. Taking advantage of modern technology I set off to get involved in Kilimanjaro Project as soon as possible. A gig on top of Africa seems to be an insurmountable enterprise but for me it is real.”




No one knows what Agnieszka Bernady is like;) She sees life double: always in creative frenzy. She likes warm breeze, apple pie and riding her bike along streets. She came first in The Most Beautiful Balcony Contest in Warsaw…

Her path towards Graphics Design, which she had been dreaming of, lead through several cities and fields of study: Cultural Heritage Preservation Studies and Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art.

In 2011 she completed her master’s degree at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She designed the logo of Kilimanjaro Project.

Agnieszka about her involvement in Kilimanjaro Project:

„I support passionate people and valuable social initiatives, and that is why I got involved in the Kilimanjaro Project. I also believe that everything in life is possible. For me Kilimanjaro Project is all about people. If we manage to meet somewhere half way, we will help each other. If we manage to help others it will be awesome. See you at the top.”